Rainy Days

When rain falls, the wind also blows, and so it is difficult to take photos. But, there are gentle scenes which can be taken only on rainy days. This time, I’d like to introduce such scenes.

First, Miho Museum in Shiga Prefecture. This museum is located in the mountains far away from town (it takes about 50 minutes by bus from the nearest JR station). The concept of this museum is “Shangri-La is here,” so the buildings are built in nature, from which we cannot perceive even a bit of the urban atmosphere. An approach road runs from the entrance of the museum, and it’s covered by a tunnel from the middle. Passing through it, we can find a museum wing.

On the day I took the photos, rain was unfortunately falling, though that place can show cheerful scenery, such as cherry blossoms in spring or red and yellow leaves in autumn. But, refined views, black-and-white paintings, were spread out before you.

Mt. Rokko (Rokko mountain range) is located in a place with convenient transport, and you can easily go up the mountain by bus or train. Nevertheless, you can fully enjoy nature in the mountain, which cannot be felt in daily life.

On that day, we were enveloped by thick fog when we walked around the mountaintop to go home via ropeway after a one-night stay in Arima. The mountain was surely covered with clouds when seen from the ground.

  • We couldn’t see anything clearly beyond 2 or 3 meters away. People and vehicles seemed to abruptly disappear.

You may feel something different than usual on rainy days from a place, even if the place is familiar. The following are views around Yodoyabashi on a rainy day.

When rain falls, we are reluctant to go out because it’s bothersome. But, after it rains, dust is washed away, and all can be clearly seen. Many roses with raindrops bloomed in a rose garden near my house.

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