Looking Back 2023 (vol. 1)

There is less than one month remaining this year. Time flies! In this year, I joined a photography class and enjoy a group photo session once a month. I also personally went here and there in the Kansai area. Of course, I painstakingly checked each new place I visited in advance; however, I don’t know why I lose my way every time I visit a place for the first time.

You must think that I have been happy every day, but honestly speaking, I had a backache though I didn’t walk for a long distance for the first time this year. It seemed that I hadn’t walked for a long distance, but it was a distance that was too much for my current body. Can’t be helped now… My body has always been able to follow what I would try to do so far, but body conditions should be prioritized from now. I will enjoy taking photos while thinking about my body conditions.

Anyway, please let me show you photos that I took this year.

This year’s New Year Days were fine and mild. I often go to shrines and temples because I like to take photos of buildings. I also enjoy taking photos of stores and buildings in the town. Recently, it has been difficult to take photos in a town for various reasons, but I learned a lot from it.

  • Nagata Shrine (Kobe)

    Toshodaiji Temple (Nara)

    Kitakagaya (Osaka)

  • Sumadera Temple (Kobe)


    Yakushiji Temple (Nara)

    Snowy Day

Plum flowers begin to bloom in this month, but cold weather still continues. Even if the temperature is low, if the sun shines and there’s no wind, such a day is a perfect day for taking photos.

  • Bonsai, dwarf ume trees

    Myoshinji Temple (Kyoto)

    Seiryoji Temple (Kyoto)

  • Ume trees

    Minatogawa Shrine (Kobe)

    Japanese Garden in Winter (Kyoto)

In this month, I went to various places in Osaka including seven slopes in Tennoji. In addition, flowers in early spring begin to bloom and the winter season certainly changes to the spring, because the world gradually grows colorful.

  • Two-Storied Pagoda (Osaka)

    Paper Brush

    Cherry Brossoms

  • One of Tennoji Seven Slops (Osaka)

    One of Tennoji Seven Slops (Osaka)


    Spring Flowers

Flowers are blooming here and there, and weather conditions good for going out continue. I often went to Kyoto and Nara because of good weather.

  • Cherry Blossoms in the mountains

    Higashi Honganji Temple (Kyoto)

    Nishi Hongwanji Temple (Kyoto)

    Horyuji Temple (Nara)

  • Cherry Blossoms in Temple (Kyoto)

    Todaiji Temple (Nara)

    Toji Temple (Kyoto)

    Medetai (Happy) Train (Wakayama)

I went to Singapore in Golden Week (from the end of April to beginning of May). The towns in Singapore were overflowing with brilliant colors. I heard the prices in Singapore were was high, but we could eat tasty food in areas where food stands gathered.

  • Changi International Airport

    Orchard Road

    Sri Mariamman Temple

    Drive Travel in Okayama

    Daibutuden Hall, Todaiji (Nara)

  • Sultan Mosque


    Peranakan Houses

    Oji Zoo (Kobe)

This month is usually a rainy season, but I felt this year had no rainy season. I went to and took photos in various towns.

  • TorWest (Kobe)

    Free Market (Kyoto)

    Karamon Gate (Chinese style gate)

    To be continued…

  • Takatsumiya Shrine (Osaka)


    Ryukoku University (Kyoto)

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