Fushimi in Kyoto, Sightseeing from Boat

Jikkoku-bune (10 koku boat) was a transport boat used in the Edo era, transporting sake, rice, or passengers from Fushimi (Kyoto) to Osaka. The word koku is a Japanese unit of volume, and one koku is about 150 kg. So, the jikkoku (10 koku)-bune could load about 1,500 kg of rice. The boats disappeared in the last years of the Meiji era due to the development of land transport. However, the boats now have been revived as a pleasure cruiser and are popular. There are cherry trees and willow trees on both sides of the river, and also an old style Japanese sake brewery. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo era all the year round from the boat.

First of all, I will introduce the beautiful autumn scenery.

This is a boat boarding area. The landmark of this area is a big willow tree. The tress with red leaves are cherry trees.

This is the Jikkoku-bune, 20-seater boat. A ferryman guides us around the surrounding.

Now, let’s leave the dock.

As soon as you left the duck, you will see a historical Japanese sake brewery, established in 1639, named Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum. The buildings you see from the boat were built in the Meiji era.

The quantity of water of this river is rich throughout the year, and the wind passing on the river is very comfortable.

There are promenades on both sides of the river, and the view from there is also great.

This area is a very old town, and there are some famous buildings there. For example, this is Teradaya, which was an inn in the Edo era. This inn is deeply emotive for many Japanese because Sakamoto Ryōma, who lived and was active in the end of Edo era, and many Japanese love him, often used this inn.

The photo on the left is of Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum having a restaurant and shops; and the photo on the right is of a coffee shop remodeled from an office building of Gekkeikan Company.

  • Next, the river is filled with cherry blossoms in spring.

You can also refresh yourself in the season of fresh green there.

You will see another old sake brewery, named Matsumoto Shuzo, across a river when you go on foot for few minutes. In spring, the buildings look more attractive from the yellow blooming rape flowers on the river side.

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