From mid-June to July in Japan, we have the rainy season every year. It is raining all day long and the rainy days go on about one month, which makes people blue. In such a gloomy season, hydrangeas bloom and give people comfort. This time, I’ll introduce you to hydrangeas in various places.

First, the hydrangeas are in Mimurotodera Temple in Uji, Kyoto. The temple is famous for hydrangeas and a lot of people visit to see them. The flowers in full bloom are spread throughout the slope of the mountain.

  • Next, the hydrangeas are in Yoshiminedera Temple in the west part of Kyoto. The temple is on a mountain, and flowers of various colors bloom on the slope of the mountain. If it is good weather, you can get the whole view of Kyoto City from the precincts of this temple.

  • Umemiya Taisha Shrine, near Arashiyama, Kyoto, has a hydrangea garden in their shrine garden.

    This road is flat, and you can walk easily.

Maishima is an artificial island in Osaka Bay. A hotel named Lodge Maishima has a large scale hydrangea garden and various kinds of hydrangeas bloom there.

Shukugawa River, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, is famous for cherry blossoms, but recently hydrangeas also bloom along the river side. The wind passing on the river is pleasant and it’s good to see the hydrangeas while strolling there.

Also, hydrangeas are planted in a corner of a neighboring park. We feel cheerful to see them, like when going home from work or shopping on a rainy day.

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