Sankyubashisuji Street at Night and Day

Although I reported on this street before, Sankyubashisuji Street is located between Midosuji and Sakaisuji Boulevards, which are in the center of Osaka City, running from north to south. There are not only modern skyscrapers, at both sides of this street, but also retro buildings built in 1910s to 1930s and traditional unchanged private shops built in the Showa era (about 1950 to 1970).

This time, I’d like to show you scenes of such a business street in the daytime and nighttime. The appearance of the same building is quite different between that in the daytime and the nighttime.

First, Opera Domaine Koraibashi. This red brick building was built in 1912 and used as the office of an insurance company. Now, it is utilized as a reception hall.

This is the United Church of Christ in Japan, Naniwa Church, which is of Protestant denomination having an old history with 145th anniversary of the founding being this year. This Gothic style reinforced concrete building, built in 1930, has large arch windows with stained glass.

Next, the building was completed in 1918, being constructed with reinforced concrete, and was first used as the office of a bank and then as the head office of an apparel trading company. Now, the old building is utilized as the facade of a high class condominium.

The Mengyokaikan was established in 1931 as the facility of Nihon Mengyo Club, and has been utilized for international conferences before and since World War II.

This street has not only the historical buildings above but also ultramodern skyscrapers.

Further, there are also traditional unchanged private shops with a Showa atmosphere (from the 1970s), well-balanced with the historical or modern buildings, without giving a sense of incompatibility to us, on the same street.

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