Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden

The Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden is a botanical garden, located on a Mount Nunobiki in the Rokko Mountains, where herbs are mainly cultivated and various flowers also bloom in each season. You can reach this garden using a ropeway from a landing place near Shin-Kobe Station on the Shinkansen line, or by going hiking in the mountains while looking at a waterfall and a lake.

From now, I’ll introduce you to this attractive place where you can fully enjoy nature, despite it taking only about 10 minutes from the center of the big city.

This small car gondola has a seating capacity of 6. If you go there by yourself, you can have the gondola to yourself. The distance from the bottom to the top of the mountain is 1,460 meters, the height above sea level is 400 meters, and it takes about 10 minutes in the sky. You might be fully satisfied not only with urban scenes but also natural scenery, because the gondola is all glass-covered.

  • Mountain Scenery

    Nunobiki Waterfall viewed from the gondola

  • Urban Scenery


When you get off at the terminus, you’ll see a rest house with an alpine appearance and courts overflowing with flowers and herbs. This area is called “Tenbo Plaza” (observation plaza), and in this area there are restaurants and various shops, and in addition, a hall having good acoustics, rooms for meetings or seminars, and a museum of essential oil.

  • Rest House

    A full view of the town and port from here

    Museum of Essential Oil

    Stained Glass

  • Clock Tower

    Inner Garden

    Cutely Designed Windows

    Decorative Plates Hanging on Wall

When you go down from the Tembo Plaza while taking a therapeutic walk in woods, you’ll arrive at various flower gardens and herb gardens. The pathway has a gentle slope and is well maintained.

  • Lavender Field

    Rape Blossoms


    Lily Blossoms

    Flower Garden in Summer

    Tranquil Early Afternoon

    Beautiful Red Leaves in Autumn

  • Sunny Slope


    Another Hydrangea

    You can see the sea over the flowers

    How about taking a nap in a Hammock?

    Big Hedge toward Mountains

    Red Leaves and White Pampas Grass

Although you may feel lonely a little on an autumn evening, you can look over tasteful scenery.

In summer and the Christmas season, you can see the buildings lit up. Also, you can see a nice night view of Kobe from the gondola.

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