Dolphin Show

In aquariums, not only can we see various fishes but also enjoy surprising attractions. Of these, a dolphin show is one of the most popular attractions. The dolphin is said to have a high IQ.
This time, I’d like to introduce you to dolphin shows that I watched in Suma Kaihin Aquarium in Kobe and Kyoto Aquarium.

First, greetings

They show us various performances, for example, fly in the air, go through a hoop, play with a ball, stand and then walk, do a performance with a trainer, and many other interesting thins.

In games using a ball, he tried to hold a ball in his mouth, or kick the ball with his tail. The ball was set at about 5 or 6 meters from the water surface.

Next, double loop in the air!

A performance of two dolphins.

A competitive performance by four dolphins. Look at the splash of water.

Four dolphins stood up and marched backwards.

Finally, a dolphin, which was in the middle of training and before his formal debut, appeared. He showed us a kindred spirit performance with a trainer.

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