From 2018 into 2019

Towns become very lively with Christmas displays when November comes to an end every year.

Street trees are decorated with illumination:

Christmas trees are situated here and there:

It appears that the decoration in show windows are more spirited than usual.

(Please note loud sound.)

On December 26, the atmosphere suddenly changes to the oshogatsu (Japanese New Year) mode. Decorations in show windows change from the Christmas display to ikebana (Japanese flower arrangements), and the background music changes from bells to koto (Japanese harps).

Sunset of the last day of 2018.

Sunrise on New Year’s Day of 2019

Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Day, family members have osechi-ryori” (special dishes prepared for the New Year) together, and then go to hatsumode” (first visit of the year to a shrine or temple). We went to Nakayamadera temple this year. People crowded the temple grounds.

You can see beautiful ikebana and deluxe kadomatsu (gate pine) anywhere in Japan around New Year Day.





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