Yoshimine-dera Temple in the Autumn Leaves

Yoshimine-dera Temple, located at the southwest end of Kyoto City, is a picturesque spot for the viewing of colorful autumn foliage, highly regarded by a select few. From the Buddhist temple on the mountainside, not only you can see the turning leaves on the mountain but also can enjoy a large panorama, a full view of Kyoto City.


(This is a guide map of this temple.)

On November 9th, the rain fell in the morning, but it stopped before noon.

This is the Sanmon gate.

On passing through the Sanmon gate, colorful autumn foliage including red leaves, yellow leaves, and orange leaves jump out at you.

This is the longest pine tree in Japan, called “Yuryu-no-matsu.”

If you come by car, there is a parking lot below the Sanmon gate. If you use a bus, you have to walk a steep mountain road for about 10 minutes from the bus stop to reach this gate.

On November 15th, I went there again on a bright and clear day, because I wanted to see the Kyoto City view.

These are Kyoto City seen from there.

On a rainy day, there is fog on the mountains and the atmosphere is overflowing with emotion, and on a fine day, colorful leaves are glowing against the blue sky. They’re both excellent!


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