Looking Back 2022 (vol. 2)

We had much rain in July this year.

The rainy season closed, and summer has come.

  • Gangoji Temple (Nara)

    Japanese Garden

  • Kobe City Museum

Summer was in full swing. It was crazy hot.

  • Sunflowers

    Buildings Lit Up

  • Fujita Museum of Art

    Night View in Kobe

The sun grew less strong.

Koryuji Temple with Randen

  • Bakery in Town (Osaka)

    Kagura (Sacred Music and Dance)

  • Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

    Ruins Park (Osaka)

It was good for walking, and many events were held in various places.

  • Kasagake Shinji (Horseback Archery Competition), Religious Service (Shinto Ritual)

    Jitoin Temple

  • Maiko-san

    Highway on River (Osaka)

It is the best season in the year!

Walking on Discontinued Railroad

  • Fire Rituals (to burn small pieces of wood on the altar to invoke divine help)

    Mt. Hiei

  • Arashiyama in Rainy Day

    Street Lined with Metasequoia

The season changed to winter.

  • Sumadera Temple

    Illuminations in Midosuji Avenue

  • Nanzenji Temple

    Christmas Decoration

Thank you for looking at my blog this year.
Have a happy new year, and see you next year too!

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