Looking Back 2023 (vol. 2)

Sultry summer has come. Minase Shrine in Kyoto is famous for bell-shaped wind chimes. In Nara Palace Site Historical Park, trains are running between ancient buildings. The dancing and music, dedicated to the gods, held in Nishinomiya Shrine were solemn and fantastic.

  • wind chimes

    Kingyo (goldfish) Museum (Nara)

    Nara Palace Site Histrical Park

  • pinwheels

    Japanese Ancient Court Music and Dance

The heat of this summer was also abnormally high. In such heat, seven big four-wheeled floats went out and ran in the town.

  • Four-Wheeled Floats in Summer Festival

    Stalls in Summer Festival

    Summer Flowers, Sunflowers

  • Four-Wheeled Float

    High Wooden Stage in Summer Festival

    Mascot of Hankyu Railway called “Chiikawa”

In Shimabara in Kyoto, old Japanese style buildings, a Tayu house and a party venue, were temporally open to the public. There are many tourist places including not only Kaiyukan but also a classic car museum, a giant Ferris wheel, and a pleasure boat around Osaka Port. I also went to Himeji to see a team lab exhibition in this month.

  • Sumiya (an old Japanesse style building of a party venue) in Kyoto

    Wachigaiya (a Tayu (courtesan) house)

    Classic Car Museum (Osaka Port)

    Giant Ferris Wheel (Osaka Port)

    Engyoji Temple (Himeji)

  • Japanese Fittings (Shoji, paper slidding doors)

    Pleasure Boat Santa Maria (Osaka Port)

    Osaka Port seen from the sky

    Engyoji Temple (Himeji)

    Exhibision by Team Lab (Himeji)

You can also enjoy the area around Osaka Port in night time. I went to Kokoen Park and Mt. Shoshazan in Himeji. Katata in Shiga, famous for Ukimido Hall, has an old-fashioned atmosphere as a whole town. An autumn festival was also enjoyable.

  • Giant Ferris Wheel at night

    Japanese Garden Kokoen (Himeji)

    Engyoji Temple (Himeji)

    Autumn Festival

    Ukimido Hall (Shiga)

  • Classic Car Museum at night

    A big foreign ship anchored at Osaka Port

    Engyoji Temple

    Osaka Station at night

    Sagawa Art Museum (Shiga)

In Nara, the number of tourists is smaller than that in Kyoto, and there are many old streets, and old merchant houses and townhouses here and there. In this autumn leaves season, I went to Kobe Municipal Arboretum, Mt. Myoken in Osaka, and Hongwanji Temple in Kyoto.

  • Town House in Kyobate (Nara)

    Nagai Park (Osaka)

    GB Old Village (Kyoto)

    Nishi Hongwanji Temple (Kyoto)

  • Gangoji Temple (Nara)

    The Former Nara Prison

    Kobe Municipal Arboretum (Kobe)

    Mt. Myoken (Osaka)

    A tea room from which you can see trains

    Higashi Honganji Temple (Kyoto)

Gion Tatsumibashi in Kyoto was one of the places where I’d like to go. Koshien Hall is a famous modern building.

  • Gion Tatsumibashi (Kyoto)

    Kabuki Theater Minami-za (Kyoto)

    Koshien Hall (Hyogo)

    Studio of Ryohei Koiso (Hyogo)

  • shopping street Teramachi (Kyoto)

    product photography

    Shogegawa Park (Amagasaki)

I’m happy to have gone to various places and met various people this past year. In addition, to continue writing my blog became one of my goals.

Thank you for looking at my blog this year.
Have a happy new year, and see you next year!

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