Autumn Leaves in 2023

When autumn has come, we Japanese look forward to the change of leaves into red or yellow. Unlike cherry blossoms in spring, we can enjoy the change of leaves in a long period of time from the beginning to their falling and we can also enjoy even carpets of fallen leaves. I visited famous places to see autumn leaves this year. Please let me show you some.

The leaves are beginning to change colors. At that time, the contrast of green and red or yellow is good.

  • Memorial Hall in Nara Women’s University

    Daibutuden Hall in Todaiji Temple

    big gingo tree near to Shosoin

    Mt. Shosha in Himeji

  • next to Tengaimon gate in Todaiji Temple

    Isuien Garden in Nara

    Daijyoin Garden in Nara

    Kokoen Garden in Himeji

The best time to see them. It’s overwhelming!

I went to Kobe Municipal Arboretum.

  • Japanese maple


  • Metasequoia at the entrance

    red and yellow

In Kyoto, a big gingo tree, designated as a natural treasure, is in Hongwanji Temple (Nishi-Hongwanji). In addition, Higashi-Honganji Temple has gingo trees.

  • The gingo tree designated as a natural treasure

    Trees in front of Bell Tower

    Autumn trees in Higashi-Honganji Temple

  • Another big gingo tree

    precincts of Hongwanji Temple

    Gingo trees

    Japanese maple trees

When I went to Mt. Myoken, it was evening and became darker.

In this season, familiar sights, near to our houses, may sometimes change to butiful sights.

The carpet of fallen leaves is also beautiful.

Due to the long heat wave this summer, the leaves lose their freshness and I heard “the autumn leaves were more impressive last year” in many places. Surely, the autumn leaves were also beautiful this year, but the whole shape was modest and small, and each leaf was dried. This is also caused by global warming.

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