Travel Report of Singapore (5)

Our travel to Singapore for 4 days and 3 nights passed in an instant. An atmosphere in which the outside is at a high temperature and humidity and the inside is air-conditioned is the worst for me, and I was unable to stand the heat, just as I expected. Nevertheless, I visited three fourths of the places where I hoped to go.

One of the most impressive things in this travel is first the Peranakan houses. The colorful pastels and cute exteriors were very impressive. Maintenance of old houses is also very well done. It is necessary to build modern tower buildings, but it is also important to maintain traditional buildings such as Peranakan houses.

Secondly, I felt that the Singapore Government supports the daily lives of people. Although I know that the commodity price is high and I don’t know exactly the taxes in Singapore, for example, the cheapness in the transport systems, the convenience in the housing acquisition (HDB residences), and the regulations when a person gets their own car are all established considering the comfortableness of the lives of people living in Singapore, aren’t they? I heard that the hawker center was the government-led facility in order to solve the sanitation problems.

Thirdly, I couldn’t catch English in Singapore. I never think I’m good at English, but I’ve not had an experience in which I couldn’t follow somebody in European countries, even though my English couldn’t be understood by somebody. Their pronunciations were peculiar for me, and I was shocked.

Even so, I was very sorry not to go to Marina Bay. The following photos were taken by my sister. Please take a look!

The hotels and facilities around the bay are lit up at night, and you can see a fountain show. Merlion, which has been famous from way back, still stands there.

  • taken by N.

There are Supertree Groves in Gardens by the Bay, and you can enjoy a stroll in the air.

  • taken by N.

How about Singapore? Singaporeans are kind, and the food is tasty and reasonable if you have it in a Hawker center or food court. The time difference between Japan and Singapore is only one hour, and the flight time is about 6 hours from Kansai Airport, so access to Singapore is quite easy. If you aren’t averse to hot and humid climates particular to a tropical region and strong air-conditioning, I recommend you to go to Singapore.

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