End of the Year in Osaka

Every year, from the beginning of November to the end of December, illumination events are held and buildings are lighted up here and there in Osaka.

In the area from the Osaka City Hall to the Osaka City Central Public Hall, which is the center of Osaka City. Various public events, including a projection mapping, are held, and it is called the “Osaka Hikari-Renaissance.”

Illumination on the facade of Osaka City Hall

Illumination in a zelkova tree-lined road, “Miotsukushi Promenade,” along Tosabori River.

  • Snowman

    Food Stalls

  • Projection Mapping

    Along Dojima River

A large scale illumination event is held in Midosuji Avenue having a full length of about 4 kilometers, and the area from Umeda to Namba is covered in various colors.

  • Around Umeda





A store window of Hankyu Department Store is decorated to suit Christmas, and both entrances and passages have a gorgeous atmosphere.

  • Store Window 2016


    Entrance at 2022

  • 2018


    Store Interior


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