Waterfall in Minoo

Minoo City is located in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture, and has been grown as a commuter town of Osaka City. When speaking of Minoo, what comes to mind first is a waterfall. The waterfall, called Minoo Waterfall or Minoo Big Waterfall, has a fall of 33 meters, and great impact.

To reach the waterfall, you should walk up a mountain path extending from Minoo Station of the Hankyu railway. The mountain path is also called takimichi (waterfall path), and winds up the mountain along a river running from the waterfall; the distance between the station and the waterfall is about 2.8 km (about 50 minutes on foot). The river width is both narrow and wide, and so you can enjoy various scenes.

In addition, this area is a place famous for autumn leaves, and many people visit in autumn. The takimichi may be illuminated on some days in autumn, and you can enjoy a walk at night.

  • It’s also beautiful at nighttime.

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