Sky at Twilight

The appearance of the sky before and after sunset is momentarily changed. The color of the sky is changed in an instant from the red of sunset, then purple to dark blue when you look up at the sky, and there’re times when you immediately come to yourself and say “wow, it’s getting late.” It may be good once in a while to dully look upon the sky while forgetting your pent-up worries and annoying things.

This is the sky at twilight in Nishimomiya Yacht Harbor:

The following are the sky and the river surface from the riverside of Mukogawa River.

These photos are those I took when I went to a row of metasequoia trees in Shiga Prefecture. The appearance of the trees was changing with time.

Finally, the sky I saw from a window of a highway bus on Hokuriku Expressway from Toyama Prefecture to Shiga Prefecture.

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