Dolls Displayed at Girls’ Festival

On the third of March , Hinamatsuri is held in Japan. The Hinamatusri, also called “Girls’ Festival,” is a seasonal festival for girls in which a set of ornamental dolls (hina dolls) are displayed on a hinadan (a stand on which the dolls are set) and which is covered with a red felt carpet, and is used to pray for the vigorous growth and welfare of girls. The dolls are in Japanese traditional court dresses from the Heian period (794-1185). The hinadan is a multi-tiered doll stand, and the dolls include a mebina (female doll) and an obina (male doll) on the top tier, three court ladies on the second tier, five musicians on the third tier, and so on.

Let me show you the hina dolls.

In the Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses in Osaka, a Hinamatsuri festival is held in February and March.

These are the mebina (female dolls) and the obina (male dolls) from various places in Japan. It is said that they are the Emperor and the Empress.

They are antique hina dolls. The hina dolls were made around 1965 on the left side and in the Taisho period (1912-1926) on the right.

The hina dolls made in the Taisho period.

The hina dolls made around 1965.

When we went to Ito in Shizuoka Prefecture at the beginning of March, we visited Tokaikan, a wooden Japanese building in the traditional architectural style, which was originally a famous hot spring hotel and is now a cultural hall. In Tokaikan, several gorgeous sets of hina dolls were displayed at that time.

When we went to Wakayama, hina dolls greeted us at a station and a hotel.

At the Wakayama station on the JR line

In the lobby of the hotel where we stayed

  • Grass Hina Dolls

They are not hina dolls, but elegant Japanese dolls expressing games or recreation done by the nobility in the Heian period. They are in splendid costumes (kimonos) made of Nishijin silk fabric.

Were you able to enjoy the elegant atmosphere?

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