Go to Hinokidaira by Trolley Train

Luckily, it was fine weather on the next day. It takes one hour and 20 minutes to the goal of Hinokidaira Station. We boarded a car without glass windows.

Soon after leaving the station, we saw Yamabiko-bashi Bridge, we had gone there the day before from Shinyamabiko-bashi Bridge.

Trolley trains in Kurobe were originally trains carrying materials for constructing Kurobe Dam. But scenery along this railroad line is so beautiful and the trains were turned into tourist trains later.

A bridge on the right is for monkeys and that on the left is for humans.

We reached Hinokidaira Station.

A view in front of the station.

Okugane-bashi Bridge close to the station. Now, the bridge was being repaired unfortunately.

The thrilling Cannibal Rock (Hitokui Rock).

Meiken-bashi Bridge. It is a nice spot in autumn season.

The promenade continued, but we didn’t have much time, and so we went back to the station.

These are photos of actual scenery that we saw along the promenade we passed.

Then, we got down to the riverbank.

Looking up at the Okugane-bashi Bridge from the riverbank.

The station has an observation platform, and you can see such a scene.

Looking down at the Okugane-bashi Bridge from the platform.

Our stay time in Hinokidaira was about one hour and half. It was regretful that we could only stroll around the station.

We were caught in a traffic jam on the return bus, but we saw beautiful sunset colors.


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